“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. OH MY GOD. Stop with that crap now. True but too old. I have a new definition for friend, “A person who helps you in need without expectation of retaliation”. They may seem the same but to me it makes a huge difference. Like all relationships, friendship is also a relationship. Not that anyone considers it one, but it is. Life is a bitch and it will hurt you till you don’t give up, but the hand that pulls you out of that hell of uncertainty is a friend. You need them. They are a necessity like air or water. They will cry with you in the worst times and will laugh harder than you in your good times. They will feel the depth of sadness that you have when you are sick of the “IRRITATIONS” in this world, but they’ll also feel the happiness in your heart in your laurels. People think friends are a source of amusement, a way of feeling full when they feel half because of this morbid world. But that’s not true until you return it to the “friend” when they need it the most, true that it contradicts my definition but then again be a good human. Friendship to me is laughing at each other and laughing on others together , friendship to me talking through eyes , friendship to me is  you understanding me and me understanding you , friendship to me is enjoying all the good things in this world but with you, friendship to me is watching the rising sun and then talk until to watch the sunset , friendship to me is you seeing that I’m calling and you get a smile on your face (same applies for me) , friendship to me is understanding when to say something and when to shut up ,friendship is (very importantly) we sharing food (because if we do I’m your best friend). This world will break you in a thousand pieces, but you will always need a friend to join those pieces back slowly and patiently.

I proudly can say that I have friends like that and sincerely hope you do too.



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