A Letter to the World

Today’s letter is to the world who judges me to be something and nothing.

Dear World,

First things first, your judgement does not affect me anymore. It’s been a long time since I stopped giving fucks about you telling me to behave according to the “SOCIETY”. You judge me to be the way I am and tell me to be some way. I’m sorry, it’s gonna be difficult for me to follow your sets of rule to live MY life. You rules are absolute mockery to the way of living a life. I want to be free to CHOOSE. Your rules tell me to do the opposite. God gave me life to live free, not to live under a set of rules. The set of rules made by you, not even by the creator himself. Your judgement on me doing things not according to the society norms is absurd and funny even. Let me be very clear with you. I will live my life according to me. I live it on my rules. I will be a Director not a doctor. I will wear distressed jeans if I want or I will wear no pants at all. I will be spiritual or I will not. I will support all the LGBT+ people. I will be kind. I will get married to anyone I want or I will stay in any kind of relationship as I wish. I will have sex before marriage if I want to. I will do anything as I will.

You anyways don’t have any power over me since the day I stopped caring but then to, I’m warning you.  Get a life. Stop judging me. STOP.

Yours lovingly,

Akshay Nair.


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