Today is Women’s day. On this day, a letter to the men of this world who think they are superior then women, who think they can bully the other gender just because they have a stick like organ.


Dear Men,

Let’s start with a story.  Imagine whatever you read.                                                                           One Fine day you were walking by a road. On the side of the road was a bench. On that bench were sitting a gang of Girls. Around 5 girls of 20-22 years old. As soon as you walk by they start whistling and cooing at you. Then they start following you. After a mile they catch you and put you in a van and blindfold you. When they open your blindfold you were at a warehouse. You are scared. You start shouting but no one to listen to your voice. Then from nowhere a girl comes near you and laughs. Laughs from her guts. Then four of those girls catch your hands and legs. The one left partner is heating an iron rod on the side. The girls remove your clothes and show you the heated rod. Holding the heated rod she says, “Think about the places I can insert this rod”. I won’t give you an ending. If you are bully, if you are a male pig, if you are a bad person you can surely imagine an ending.

This story is not to scare you. It’s to make your realize that all this can happen to you if you don’t stop. This will happen to you if you continue traumatising women just because they are “Women”. If you are a good man, you might not have felt a cringe inside you when you read the story. You might have not felt agitated, angry inside if you are not a bully. This letter is to explain you that a women when leaves a house she always has this fear that all these things might happen to her. Just think going out of your house and always being in fear.

This is not even to degrade women. They are strong rather strongest. They can handle anything. But this letter is to make men realize that they are at fault if they harass women. THEY ARE AT FAULT IF YOU RAPE A WOMAN. It’s never her fault, if you use her. The letter is only a request to STOP. BE A MAN AND STOP. YOU BECOME A REAL MAN BY RESPECTING HER, NOT BEING DIABOLICAL TOWARDS HER.





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