A Letter to my Elders

Dear Elders

It’s always been a question to me. What should be my attitude towards materialism? Should we look to the people who are richer than us and aim to be like them or do we look to the people who are poor and be happy with what we have. I and my mum have always differed in opinion on this topic. She likes to look at the less fortunate people and she is always satisfied with what she has. But I think that if we do so we will never get motivated to go higher in life. The satisfaction will never allow us to reach something higher. It’s quite important for me to attain something, but then I question myself on am I being greedy? Because the old saying obviously says us to “BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE”. But today in 21st century I don’t think it is so. We all aim for a comfortable life, not a ‘satisfied with what we have’ life. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that only materialistic things are necessary but it is an aspect. I think in life we need to attain everything that makes us happy.

Will the attitude that my mother has will help me attain better things in life?                          Are these feelings because I’m a teenager?                                                                                       Will these feelings go away?                                                                                                                           Do these feelings make me greedy?                                                                                                             I don’t want to be greedy, I want to be satisfied, so in that case is my attitude wrong?

These questions are confusing. But I guess I’ll learn when I grow up. But any suggestions will be helpful.

Yours lovingly

Akshay Nair

(A confused teenager)




One thought on “A Letter to my Elders

  1. Being ambitious is a good thing. But look at everyone who just want to achieve greatness and just run after materialistic things.. At the end of the day they are the ones who are frustrated and dissatisfied.. Yeaah they won’t even bother to realize this but at the very end when they have achieved everything they’ll regret. Regret for what? People whom they could have carried on their shoulders.

    Moral is Looking down makes you humble but looking up makes you ambitious. Now there’s nothing wrong with that but ambitions are never ending.

    Sorry for a long comment. But that’s what I feel. Destiny is something you ought not worry about. Its pre-written. So I coincide with your mom’s thoughts.


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