The story of my Vacation in GOA

The gang being late
Conversations on train steps
Trains being extremely late
A Drunk guy scratching our car
Being tired
Dancing at zhingaat
Mornings being blessed
Opening Balcony of heaven
Listening to your own breath in the peace of the scenery
Beauty of the built
Thinking about all the fights fought on the fort
All men dying and serving their King
Then the taste of salty sea in the air,
The running out for petrol
Morning tea’s and breakfast
The feeling of being blessed to get up in this place
The feeling of being in the middle of fight between the sea, the land and the sky
The war between them and feeling like you are winning
The feeling of heart beat on a speeded up Scooty
The light breeze of air in the night
The dance all night
Adrenaline and Exhaustion all together
Lying on the bed and feeling the soft bed and warmth of the mattress
And the opening of eyes with the sunlight
The story then end when the vacation ends.


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