Happy Independence Day. Well, I should say “HAPPY ONE OF THE TWO DAYS ON WHICH WE FEEL PATRIOTIC”. My Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter is filled with Independence Day photos or messages. I love to see the enthusiasm of people on this day to be patriotic. It is more fake than Salman Khan’s acting.

This blog is not about patriotism, it’s about the freedom we got on 15th August 1947. The freedom to speak freely, to do everything freely, even live our lives freely. But are we truly free?

We as citizen can’t get over the mission of “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”, because the ego of men in our society is bigger than the Kutubminar. They still can’t handle women being their superior, they still can’t handle a women running a house, they still can’t see the country run by a women. When will India be free of the thought that there is no fucking difference between a man and a woman? When will they understand that this ego of theirs is taking them nowhere, because if you are egotistical, Women are motivated and encouraged by your raging, burning ass and no matter what you do they will succeed.

Indians can’t get over the fact that women are equal to men. Then issues like rape eradication, equal pay, and homosexuality or for that matter any issue cannot be solved. You can’t tolerate women being in charge, how they will digest the fact that their boss is gay or a lesbian or a transgender?

True, that we got freedom from Britishers 69 years ago, but what is the use of it, when we are fighting against each other? JUST UNDERSTAND THIS: NO MATTER WHO IT IS, A WOMEN OR GAY OR LESBIAN OR TRANSGENDER OR A FUCKING CHAIWALA, you need to attain that freedom in your mind that even these are people. They live in the same community as you. And you like it or not they will be present, so get that in your hearts and minds.

Now if you can make the last one a Prime Minister, can’t you get the FREEDOM of your minds to accept everyone?



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