“And you don’t have to change a thing,

The world can change its heart,

No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful”


The song is a proper representation for people to be happy with what they are! They shouldn’t doubt themselves for a minute and be themselves at any cost. It does encourage you to be you, and to not to give a shit about what others think about you.

The words though beautiful, are they practical?

This is not a diss about the song. It’s about everyone asking us to be ourselves and be confident of what we have and what we are!

But is it realistic?

Because I being an independent, confident and self-respecting boy, still has his doubts on everything I wear, to what will people say when they see an acne on my face?!!! And shouldn’t I be? Because when I go out, people are going to judge me on everything. From the way I dress, to the way I speak, to the way my wrist moves! I’m being judged everyday day, every minute and every second.

Then comes the question, why do I give a damn about what other people think? (And it also the context of the song.)

But when you are taught to do everything to please others, how do you start being yourself and stop being someone else?

All these questions are on my mind. It maybe because I’m just 20! I may get the answers to all these questions one day.

But should any kid have a question about his/her existence? Should they learn that people are going to judge them and thus they need to be someone else?

Should we teach our kids that being someone else is the key to survival in our society?


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