To Believe or Not to Believe?

I’m not a particularly religious person. I believe in positive spirit and positive attitude and of course in GANAPATI (no reason in particular, maybe he brings happiness to me when I want it or I just like the look of the idol). All my life I have always followed one rule very strictly “god helps them, who helps themselves” because that is what my mother has taught me. The help that I do to myself always leads to my happiness in any form. Though it be spiritual or materialistically.

But recently something happened to me and the thing that happened put a lot of questions on my mind!

I recently went to Shabrimala. It’s the holiest of all temples in Kerala. My heart was clean and my intent clear. I did not do it for myself, I went to that temple because my mother had prayed for something and in return promised that I will go to the temple. Now full on disclaimer, to climb this temple is REAL HARD WORK. The climb was a slope with a lot of little sharp rocks on my way and I needed to go through all the way bare legs. Thus it wasn’t easy at all. By the time I reached the temple I had a call from my mom. Now when I spoke to her, I told my mum that I did this climb for her and that I wouldn’t do this ever again.

When I said this I did not say it as a derogatory statement. I said because my personal values do not let me do this hard work of going too far of places or climbing stairs or standing in lines for hours to see an idol who won’t even reply when I ask for something or at least blink. I don’t believe in doing hard work to meet god, I believe the small and cute idol in the temple in my house is as powerful as the god in those temples.

Now after I said that, I saw the god three times. THREE TIMES. I told my mum that I will only see him once but he (the god) forced me to meet two more times. Was this his way of telling me that I will always do according to his will? Did he decide that this arrogant of a kid will do as I say?

Should I believe that there is more to it than just an idol whom lakhs of people worship? Should I believe that I’m not the only one who decides what happens with my life? Should I believe that if I do my part he will surely do his?

Or maybe it will all just a coincidence!

PS: YES I COULDN’T SAY NO TO MOTHER FOR THE TEMPLE BECASUSE 1) have you ever said no to an Indian mother?  2) If you have, can you dare to say it again?


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