It is said that a society should keep growing! But are we? The growth even if it is a needle at a time, are we even making the efforts to understand the growth that is happening in the society! Or do we just dismiss it because we didn’t like it? We will only accept that agrees with us! But does growth works that way?

We have been changing or rather growing ever since the evolution period. Doesn’t the word evolution itself mean growth? We started by eating grass and leaves and then we grew and ate raw meat and then we learnt how to make fire so we cooked our meat and then we started eating raw again (SUSHI AND RARE PIECE OF MEAT). It’s dumb, why would you go back to eating raw thing, I don’t even eat my carrots raw.

History was taught to us in school because it teaches us that someone before us existed and they were far more orthodox than us, but it also teaches us that with time people started to change, grow. Thus to respect history and humanity and everything in nature, shouldn’t we grow?

When something related to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender is brought up, grown-ups say that it is not in our culture. But I would like to ask the same grown up a question, didn’t our culture allow Sati? , didn’t our culture allow teach us sexism, racism, misogyny? You will allow all of that in our society just because that has been done and taught to you in the past? Don’t you or rather won’t you like to grow?

You tell me that girls are the pride of your nation and you still teach your son to objectify women, to see them as If any she is a prey and you are a predator ready to eat her alive? You tell me you want to change, but when? When are you going to grow up?

The same grown person will read this and tell himself that a kid is gone mad. But it’s not the grown up, it’s the grownup’s kid that I’m aiming this at.

Wouldn’t you like to grow? Wouldn’t you like to be a little more human every day?


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