I know this is a controversial topic to discuss but I want to show you my way of seeing something bigger than us. For everybody else god is someone who they have learnt from a book but for me it always has been the experience with him that has taught me about him. According to you and what you have learnt about god has come from a book that was written by someone who lives thousands and thousands of years ago. I’m a practical human being, I do not believe something that has been written by some random guy, and if that was the case I would have trusted Chetan Bhagat and would have got myself a half-girlfriend. My point being who has the proof that it was written by god? Can you give a letter of authentication for the book? I’m not saying the verses in book are wrong, I’m saying that I would rather believe in god from what god teaches me in my life rather than referring a book.

Now I’ll tell you the difference between my god and your god.

Your god has punishments, my god pats me on the back and says everybody makes mistake but don’t make the same mistake again.

You god judges the human, my god doesn’t judge me for whomever I am.

Your god created a divide, mine told me it was you who created the divide.

Your god is in a big temple and my god is in my heart.

Stop trying to learn from someone else what god is trying to say.

Open your ears and try to listen to him. He keeps talking to you but you never reply because you are busy learning someone else’s perception of god.

God is a being whose existence cannot be challenged but also cannot be proved. In such conditions why would you have someone else tell you what he looks like or what he feels or what he will do when you do something wrong? It is you who has to decide what god is!

You won’t like someone else giving a bad perception of you to a third persons, then you should think why would god like it that you are learning wrong facts about him from someone else?

Maybe it’s not the difference between your god and my god. Maybe the difference is between you and me!


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