Believing in anything is getting difficult each day. World is literally going to shit.

A few days back I was talking to my mom and I said life was better when I knew nothing, when I understood nothing, when there was no realization that the world is actually a shitty place to live in. Being a kid, having to only think about food, studies, playing etc. was a bliss.

But when we grow up and see all the fucked up things around us. We marvel, we are surprised rather shocked at the shitiness of the world.

When we see all this, most of us think what are we supposed to do about it? Why should we be the responsible one? Why should we do all the work? Why should I be the chosen one?

Well my answer to that is, if not us then who?

We need to bring the change that we want to see, complaining about it by siting on your butts would not help?

A few things you could do just by yourself,

Stop being Misogynistic. (Not asking you to be a feminist, although being one might help)

Stop littering. (Everyone is doing that doesn’t mean, you have to too)

Be Reasonable and Tolerant.

Be kind. (Stop fighting, already the Orange American Monster is doing our share)

If all these reasons are not enough, be selfish. Do it for your kids. When they grow up and situation is still same, the men are harassing women, the women being paid less, the world coming to an end etc. rather be selfish and do well.

World is definitely a shitty place, but we can make it better.


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